Flash backup 3.0.7.rar
Unlimited use.
Use the name and the key in the word document after expire for continue useing.

1. Introduction

With Flash&Backup you will be able to safely update the firmware and restore an operable configuration even if your Motorola phone doesn't start up anymore.
Tons of Motorola fans and modders all around the world already use this tool to backup settings before uploading new firmware or switching "dangerous" options.

You have a 21 days of trial to test the functionality of Flash&Backup.
After this period you will need to register the Flash&Backup to continue using it

NOTE: Now the functionaity of the program is not limited in trial mode.

Open the registration page in your browser

2. Requirements

  • A compatible Motorola phone
  • USB cable
  • P2K driver
  • Windows 2000/XP or higher

    3. Connecting to a phone

    First of all please make sure that you have installed the P2K driver including all of its components:
    - Motorola USB driver
    - Accessories Interface
    - Data Logging MCU Interface
    - Test Command Interface
    - Motorola Flash Interface

    If the driver is installed and is active, start Flash&Backup and connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable. The program will detect your phone and will display its model, its IMEI and the version of firmware at the bottom of the window. Also, Flash&Backup will switch the active profile to support the features specific for your Motorola phone. If for some reasons your phone model has not been selected in the "Active phone profile" drop-down box, open the drop-down box and choose your model.

    4. Configuring Flash&Backup

    Open "Settings" page and configure your installation of Flash&Backup.

    "Select language" menu lists available languages of the program's user interface.

    "Folder for storing backups" is the path to the directory where Flash&Backup will create backups.

    "Process priority" is the priority of the Flash&Backup's process. It is recommended to set it to "High".

    Tick "Save log" if you would like to log events that occur during the backup process.

    Tick "Automatically create undo for patches" option if you would like to automatically create backups before applying a patch.

    "Write buffer size" options slightly affects the perfomance of write operations.

    5. Creating a backup

    Open "Read data" page and tick the code groups you would like to backup (if you don't know what code groups you need, please tick "Select all" checkbox to backup all the code groups available in your phone). "Summary" field displays the number of bytes in the code groups you have selected to backup.

    "Cut empty bytes at the end of code groups" option can reduce the total size of the backup file.

    "Backup format" lists the formats you can backup selected code groups to. Although the native format is "FB3 (CAB-LZX archive)", it is recommended to create another backup file in "SHX (S-Records file)" format so that you could restore the backup file in other programs (for example, in RSD Lite).

    When you have selected code groups and have chosen the backup format, enter some comments in the "Backup comments" field and click "Read data" button. It will open a popup window displaying the progress as follows:

    *** Operation start (10.03.2007 20:40:25) ***
    Flash&Backup 3.0.2
    Writing the backup file to C:Program
    FilesMotorola ToolsFlash&Backup

    Sending the loader...
    Executing JUMP...
    Reading the code group: CG1
    Reading the code group: CG3
    Reading the code group: CG4
    Reading the code group: CG15
    Reading the code group: CG18
    Creating SHX file...
    The backup file has been created.

    *** Operation end (10.03.2007 20:42:09) ***

    6. Restoring your backup to the phone

    Open "Write data" page, click on the "Select backup file" button and open the backup file you are going to restore.
    When the backup file has been selected, "Select code groups" section will list all the code groups stored in the file.
    Tick the code groups you would like to restore and click on the "Write data" button.
    A popup window displaying the progress will appear.

    7. Flashing a firmware to the phone

    Open "Write data" page, click on the "Select flash file" button and open the file you are going to flash.
    When the flash file has been selected, "Select code groups" section will list all the code groups stored in the file.
    Tick the code groups you would like to flash and click on the "Write data" button.
    A popup window displaying the progress will appear.

    Appendix A. Backup formats

  • FB3 (CAB-ZIP archive)
  • Compression ratio: aprox. 50%
    RAMDLD is not stored in the archive, link to Flash&Backup3 profile is stored instead.
    This format is useful when you don't want to wait until archiving will be done.

  • FB3 (CAB-LZX archive)
  • Compression ratio: more than 50%
    RAMDLD is not stored in the archive, link to Flash&Backup3 profile is stored instead.
    This format is recommended.

  • FSW (CAB-LZX archive)
  • Compression ratio: more than 50%
    RAMDLD is stored in the archive.
    Only for backward compatibility with old F&B 2.x flash file format.

  • SMG (Binary files)
  • Compression ratio: none
    Link to Flash&Backup3 profile is stored instead of RAMDLD.

  • SHX (S-Records file)
  • Storing backup in this format will increase size of the backup by 2 times
    RAMDLD is stored in the file
    Standart flash file format, you can flash this file in any flasher for Motorola phones.

    Appendix B. Supported phones*

    Motorola C380
    Motorola C381P
    Motorola C390
    Motorola C650
    Motorola E1 ROKR
    Motorola E1000
    Motorola E1070
    Motorola E375
    Motorola E398
    Motorola E770v
    Motorola K1 KRZR
    Motorola K3
    Motorola L2
    Motorola L6
    Motorola L7 SLVR
    Motorola L7e
    Motorola U6 PEBL
    Motorola V180
    Motorola V186
    Motorola V188
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V235
    Motorola V3
    Motorola V300
    Motorola V360
    Motorola V3i
    Motorola V3r
    Motorola V3re
    Motorola V3t
    Motorola V3x
    Motorola V3xx
    Motorola V400
    Motorola V500
    Motorola V547
    Motorola V6 MAXX
    Motorola V600
    Motorola V620
    Motorola V635
    Motorola V980
    Motorola Z3 RIZR

    Backuping and/or flashing these models in Flash&Backup is tested.
    Operating with other models is possible but not guaranteed.

    *)In the case of new changes in the official firmwares, some phones in this list may be not supported anymore. Please contact us in such a case.


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