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Science and Technology

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JULY 2007 – MAY 2008


















School of Sciences

Indira Gandhi National Open University

New Delhi




(July 2007–May 08)

Dear Student,


As explained in the programme guide for BDP, you have to do one Assignment for FST-01 course. This assignment is Tutor Marked (TMA) and is based on Block 1 to 8 (Unit 1-32).



The instructions for doing the assignments are provided in the programme guide under section 7.1 entitled Assignments. You should read the instructions carefully before you start doing this assignment.


Though validity of this assignment is for 1 year you are advised to submit your assignment within four months after receiving the printed material with assignment to the Coordinator of your study center so as to get full advantage of the assignment in your study.


Answer sheets received after 31st May, 2008 shall not be accepted.


We strongly suggest that you should retain a copy of your assignment.


Wishing you all good luck.



FST - 01


(Tutor Marked Assignment)

Course Code: FST-01

Assignment Code: FST-01/TMA/July 2007-May 08

Maximum Marks: 100


1.   a)   ‘Science plays a crucial role in the maintenance and development of production processes in a   given society’. Discuss this statement with the help of two examples from the history of       science.      (5)


      b)   Consider two specific areas in our society wherein inputs from science and technology can      help in solving problems. List two burning problems in each area. Discuss the scientific and technological measures that should be taken in your opinion to solve these problems.                                                              (5)


2.   a)   Describe in your words, the most widely accepted theory of the formation of the solar system.         (5)


      b)   (i)   Explain the concepts of life cycle and aging

            (ii)  How the age of plant and animal fossils is determined?                                            (2.5´2)


3.   a)   Why the steps in most food chains are limited to four or five? Explain with the help of an example. (5)


      b)   What are the reasons for declining forest areas in our country? Discuss the probable   repercussions of a decreased forest cover.                                                                                                       (5)


4.   a)   List the non-conventional sources of energy and explain how can these sources be tapped for    the production of energy for domestic and industrial uses.                                                                        (5)


      b)   Why is management of soil necessary? Describe the ways of its management.                  (5)


5.   a)   How does the multi-tier cropping help in increasing productivity per unit area? Explain using suitable examples.      (5)


      b)   In your opinion would biotechnology be a boon or bane to Indian agriculture? Describe with examples.       (5)


6.   a)   Why is it important to acquire knowledge about balanced diet? Prescribe a balanced diet for yourself. Justify it in terms of your calorie and nutrient requirements.                                                            (5)


      b)   What do you understand by AIDS? How can spread of AIDS be controlled?                    (5)


7.   a)   ‘Aggression is a basic instinct in animals while it is a learned behaviour in human beings.’ Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.                                                                                   (5)


b)      What are hormones? How are they vital for proper functioning of the body?                    (5)


8.   a)   With the help of an example explain how withholding an information can lead to social    injustice.  (5)


      b)   Discuss the types of communication media you are encountering while getting education from distance mode of learning. Write the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of these media.                         (5)


9.   a)   How can research and development in industrial sector help the nation to grow?              (5)


      b)   How can computer be used in homes and at work places to improve the quality of life?   (5)


10. a)   With the help of suitable examples illustrate how advertisements create artificial demands for goods? Should this be stopped, if so, how?                                                                                                (5)


      b)   Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of globalization to small scale industries in India. (5)                   




Solved FST-01 Comming soon...


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