Course Code : CS-612
Course Title : PC Software and Application Skills
Assignment Number : BCA (2)-612/Assignment/ 2008
Maximum Marks : 25
Last Date of Submission : 30th April, 2008/30th October, 2008

Question 1 :- Explain in datail all the items/options on the menu bar and tool bar of any internet Browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigaror).

Microsoft internet Explorer 6 is web browser. It provides access to web pages across the internet and has many different componenets.
      There are some terms commonly used to reference objects on the Internet or within Internet Explorer.

The toop bar
The toolbar is at the top of the window and is divided into the menubar and the navigation bar.

Navigation bar :- The navigation bar is filled with icons representing different options a user can perform to navigate about the internet.
-- The Back button : Used to go back to the last page viewed. You can press back multiple times.
-- The forward button : Used to go forward through previously viewed pages. Both the back and forward buttons have a drop down menu (the little black triangle) next to each button. These will pull down a selectable list of all of the previously viewed page.
-- The stop button : used to stop downloading a webpage.
-- The refresh button : Used to re-downloading a webpage.

menu bar : The menubar contains the menus for accessing different features of Internet Explorer. The menu categories are
      File, Edit, view, Favorites, Tools and help.
File menu :
-- New : A new window will open another instant of Internet Explorer.
-- Open : Allow the user to view a website or a folder on the user's computer.
-- Save as : Allows the user to save the current page locally to hard drive.
-- Page Setup : Opens up a setup window with options for customizing the look of a printout of the page.
-- Print : Prints the current page with the containts given in page setup.
-- Send : Send is a submenu with options that allows a user to email the current page, a link to the page, or create a shortcut on the desktop.
-- Close : Closes the instance of internet Explorer.
Edit Menu :
-- Copy : Copies the selected contents to the clipboard.
-- Select All : Selects all contents on the page.
-- Find on this page : Opens a search box to search for some text on the current page.
View Menu :
      The view menu has a number of functions tailored to the looks of Internet Explorer.
-- Toolbar : A submenu with options for showing different toopbar. Placing a check next to each options enables them and makes them visible.
-- Status Bar : The status bar at the buttom of the window. It display information about various aspects of Internet Explorer.
-- Explorer Bar : A submenu with various explorer options. Search opens a search box to search the internet. Favorites opens a window of all the user's  saved favorites. History opens a list of all the websites a user has visited on the last few weeks.
-- Goto : A submenu for jumping to a previously viewed page. Identical function to the back and forward in the navigation bar.
-- Stop : Stops the current page from laoding. Identical to the stop button in the navigation bar.
-- Text Size : Maches the size of the page larger or smaller.
-- Encoding : Allows the user to pick a language that may be displayed on the page.
-- Source : Show the source HTML code for cuttent page.
-- Full screen : Puts Internet Explorer to koisk mode.
Favorite Menu :
      The favorites menu provides a means of saving websites that a user finds useful or interesting. When the user wants to re-visit that site at a later date, they can simply click on the saved favorite and it will godirectly to the corresponding page.
-- Add tp favorites : Opens up a box asking where to save a favorite for the currently displayed page. The user may opt to categorize their favorites into subfoldrs.
-- Organize favorites : A box for moving favorites to various sub folders within the favorites menu.
Tools Menu :
      Within the tool menu, there is a option called Internet Option.
      The Internet options window is split up inot 7 tabs.
-- General Tab : It has options to set the user's homepage, clear out temp file, and clear the history cache.
-- Security Tab : It has many different security settings. Setting set too low may leave a user vulnerable to attack by hackers, setting too high may render some stes non-funtional. As a rule of thum the default of medium is a safe place to leave this setting.
-- Content Tab : Contains settings for content filtering. Auto complete is an another optin on the content tab. Auto complete is designed to save information type in text fields like login information so that a user does not have to type it in every time.
-- Connections : Stores information pertaining to how a computer connects to the internet.
-- Programms : Stores which programs Internet Explorer will use for each internet service.
-- Advanced : Has setting pertaining to various aspects of the web. A good rule of thumb here is the default settings.

Question 2:-
a) Prove that the sum of fourth powers of the first n intergers in
                                1 / 30 n (n+1) (2n+1) (3n²+3n+1)
b) Prove that the sum of the squares of the first n integers is
                                 1 / 24 (2n) (2n+1) (2n+2)

We have to prove that sum of the squares of the first n integers is
                                 1 / 24 (2n) (2n+1) (2n+2)
Mathematically which may be written as;

           1²+2²+3²+5²+.........+n²=1 / 24 (2n) (2n+1) (2n+2)

i.e.         P(n) : 1²+2²+3²+4²+.............+n²= 1 / 24 (2n) (2n+1) (2n+2)     ...........................(1)

Let n=1, 1²= { 2*1(2*1+1)(2*1+2) } / 24

1= { 2(3)(4) } / 24

1= 24 / 24



P(1)             is true.

Let us suppose that P(K) is true
putting n=k in (1) we have

1²+2²+3²+.......+K²={ 2k(2k+1)(2k+2) } / 24     ................................. (2)

i.e. P(K) is true

Now we want to check equation (1) is also true for k+1, so, we replace K by K+1 to last term of L.H.S. i.e. in K² which become (K+1)²
adding (K+1)² to both side of equation (2) we have 

1²+2²+3²+...........+K²+(K+1)² = [ { 2K (2K+1) (2K+2) } / 24 ] + (K+1)²

                                             = { 2K (2K+1) (2K+2) + 24 (K+1)²} / 24

                                             = [ 4K (K+1) { K (2K+1) + 6(K+1) } ] / 24 

                                             = { (K+1) (2K² + K + 6K + 6) } / 6

                                             = { (K+1) (2K² + 7K + 6) } / 6

                                             = { (K+1) (2K + 3) (K + 2) } / 6

                                             = { (K+1)*2*2* (2K + 3) (K + 2) } / 6*2*2

                                             = { (K+1)² (2K+3) (2K+4) } / 24

                                             = { 2(K+1) (2K+3) (2K+4) } / 24

       P(n) is true for n = (K+1)
       i.e. P(K+1) is true
       By principle of mathematical induction P (n) is true for all natural number n.

Hence 1²+2²+3²+...............+n² = 1 / 24 2n(2n+1)(2n+2)               Proved.

Question 3:-
You have decided to purchase a new pickup truck but want to compare various dealer prices. You are ordering a Ford Ranger XLT with the seven options (air conditioning, automatic transmission, stereo, power steering, anti-lock backing system cruise control, and an extended warranty) listed in Table 1 below. Creat a worksheet to compare prices for this vehicle among the three different dealers. Include a 3-D column chart that compares the Grand total prices of dealers A, B and C. Print the workbook and the chart.

                                        Cost comparison Sheet

Make : Ford
Color : Red
Model : Range XLT

Pricing Information Dealer A Dealer B Dealer C
Air conditioning 699 705 739
Automatic transmission 375 379 397
AM/FM, CD, Cassette 819 625 655
Power steering 229 231 243
ABS 747 804 1144
Crise control 184 486 196
Extended warranty 114 114 1019
Base Price 14070 14015 11639
Grand Total      

Ans : Unsolved

Quesiton 4:-
Give detailed information on the topic "E-Governance" by browsing the Internet. List the URLs and the information associated with them.

Ans :
e-governance in India

The Indian government is using IT to facilitate governance. The IT industry is doing its bit to help as public-private partnerships become the order of the day, says Atanu Kumar Das

The last couple of years have seen e-governance drop roots in India. IT enables the delivery of government services as it caters to a large base of people across different segments and geographical locations. The effective use of IT services in government administration can greatly enhance existing efficiencies, drive down communication costs, and increase transparency in the functioning of various departments. It also gives citizens easy access to tangible benefits, be it through simple applications such as online form filling, bill sourcing and payments, or complex applications like distance education and tele-medicine.

According to Sudhir Narang, vice-president, government & service provider business, Cisco Systems, India & SAARC, "Almost every state has an IT policy in place with the aim of evolving itself from being an IT-aware to an IT-enabled government. State governments are fast recognising the benefits of an IT-enabled working environment."

As of now, e-governance projects are being run only in certain departments. This approach will gradually be extended to all departments eventually, leveraging the power of IT to streamline administrative functions and increase transparency.

Shivaji Chatterjee, senior director, sales and marketing, Hughes Escorts Communications says, "IT has a vital role to play in all transactions that the government undertakes. It helps the government cut red-tapism, avoid corruption, and reach citizens directly."

Chatterjee points out that such initiatives will help citizens learn about the various policies, processes and help-lines that the government offers. The governments of Singapore, Canada and Switzerland have implemented such portals, and set the benchmarks in this regard. With the help of IT, the government can process citizen to government transactions such as the filing of tax returns, death and birth registration, land records, etc.

Adds Rajiv Kaul, managing director, Microsoft India, "A strong technology infrastructure can help central and state governments deliver a comprehensive set of services to citizens."

Microsoft is working with several state governments to help evolve a long-term technology blueprint for IT infrastructure. It is working with various departments of the central government, and has undertaken several projects and initiatives with state governments as well.

Manoj Kunkalienkar, executive director, ICICI Infotech says, "As far as e-governance projects are concerned, the government is gradually changing its role from an 'implementer' to a 'facilitator and regulator.' It will encourage private sector participation in e-governance projects, so more projects in e-governance based upon the public private participation (PPP) model should come about in the near future."



E-governance is the use of ICT by different actors of the society with the aim to improve their access to information and to build their capacities. Bottom of Form

E-Governance is the public sector’s use of information and communication

technologies with the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable, transparent and effective.

The principal on-going UNESCO activity in the field of e-governance is a cross-cutting project on E-Governanace Capacity-Building. This project aims at promoting the use of ICT tools in municipalities to enhance good governance through the development of training modules for local decision-makers in Africa and Latin America.

Past UNESCO activities on e-governance are described in the Documents/Publications under "Resources" section. The "Global survey on on-line governance" and the "Country profiles of e-governance" were undertaken in cooperation with the Commonwealth Network of Information Technology for Development Foundation (COMNET-IT).

Question 5:-
a) Show whether : if n>=4 then find whether 2.n is less than 4.n or not.
b) Creat chat account with any chat services provider website (like yahoo, msn, etc.) and explain the different component of this account.

Setting Up a Chat Account

Go to Tools > Mail and chat accounts > Add > Chat to set up your first chat account.

Type in your real name and e-mail address if you want your name to be visible to other users.

Select a suitable nickname to use when chatting. If you log on to a network where your selected nickname is in use, you will be asked for an alternative nickname.

Select an IRC network from the drop-down list, or type in the name of an IRC server.

You should now be presented with a dialog containing a list of available rooms for you to join. Select from the list, or click "New" to type in the name of the room yourself. Entering a non-existant chat room creates a brand new room.

The Chat Panel

The "Chat" panel will display all rooms you have previously visited for quick and easy access. Rooms are grouped by server. Passwords for password-protected chat rooms are remembered after the first visit.

The chat client is integrated with the contacts manager. This panel will therefore also keep track of any on-line contacts that have a chat nickname added to their contact properties. The easiest way to add a nickname to an existing contact, is by using the right-click menu in a chat room user list.

In addition to displaying the nickname of on-line contacts, their status will also be displayed as a small icon if they have set it to anything other than "On line" (for example "Out to lunch" or "On the phone"). You change your own on-line status by using the Chat menu.


Once you have joined a chat room, you will normally see a page containing the room's conversation, and a list to the right containing the nicknames of users present in the channel.

Chatting in rooms

If someone has set a topic for the room, this will be displayed at the very top of the chat page.

Talking to others in the room is simple. Just type what you would like to say in the edit field at the bottom of the page, and hit Enter. To grab the attention of a particular user, enter that person's nickname at the beginning of your line. Typing the first few letters and pressing Tab will auto-complete the nickname. Starting with the nickname will make the line highlighted on the other user's screen in most IRC clients, including Opera's.

You may notice that some of the names in the list of users are bolded. These users are operators; users with special permissions regarding administration of the chat room and granting permissions to other users. If you have started your own chat room, you are automatically made the operator of that room.

In addition to "just" talking, you may perform IRC actions. By typing "/me" followed by an action description, normally in the third person, your action will be displayed in purple in the chat room.

Chatting in private

If you would like to say something for only one user to hear, start a private conversation. This is most easily done by clicking on the user's nickname in the list - or in the "Chat" panel.

You can also type "/msg nickname" in the chat page input field. If you know the nickname of a person that is neither in your contacts, nor in the same chat room as you, this is particularly useful.

The private conversation will be displayed in a separate page. Go to your account's properties and the "Outgoing" tab if you would like private conversation pages to pop up in front of the other pages to grab your attention, rather than open in the background.

Sending files to other users

Opera allows you to send files to other users on a chat network. The easiest way to send files is to right click on the user's nickname in the list, and selecting "Send file", or by clicking the "Send file" button in a private chat window.


A chat room's operators, commonly known simply as "ops", have extended permissions. "Control" in the right-clickmenu for nicknames in the user list is a sub-menu available only to operators.

Ops may kick other users from the chat room, select who gets to speak if the chat room is moderated that way (quite uncommon), and grant operator privileges to other users.

Which operations require operator privileges may vary from chat room to chat room. For instance, some rooms may let all users change the topic, whereas others require you to be a room operator. Click the "Properties" button on the chat page toolbar to see these settings for the room you are in.

Question 6:- Explain the use of chart wizard of Ms-Excel with the help 7 an example.

Charts are the graphic component of EXcel. The data which is entered as tables can be viewed in the graphical form as charts which makes the figures of data effective, interesting, easy to understand, and easy to analyse and compare data.
Chart can be two types :

Embedded Charts : These charts are included in the worksheet and can be moved, copied, and resized as any other graphical object. It's advantage is that is can be viewed alongwith the data and many charts can be inserted.
Chart Sheet : Separate Chart sheets are inserted when a chart is created. It can only one chart.

      The Chart Wizard is a series of dialog boxes that guides you through the steps required to create a new embedded chart or modify setting for an existing embedded chart. It displays either five steps or two steps, depending on what is selected. If worksheet data is selected, all five steps are displayed because you're creating a new chart. If you've selected an existing chart to modify it, only two steps are displayed. When you choose the finish button in any of the steps, the chartwizard finishes your chart for you.
      MS-Excel offers 15 different major chart types, each of which has at least one subtype, or variation. You can change the chart type to present your data most clearly and effectively.
Examples of chart wizards are :

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