Course Code : CS-611
Course Title : Fundamentals and PC Software
Assignment Number : BCA (1)-611/Assignment/08
Maximum Marks : 25
Last Date of submission : 30th April, 2008/30th October, 2008

What is an application program? Explain how an application can be add/removed from a PC.

Application programe:-
An application programme is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or in some cases for another application programme . Examples:- Word processor, database programmes, etc.

The steps for adding/removing application from a PC are as follows:
1. Click Control Panel from Start Menu
2. Click Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel
3. Then you can add/remove the required program.


Suggest a sutable operating system(s) for the following activities:
      Web Application Development.
      Multimedia Development.
      Databasa management.
Identify the requirements on operating system for the above situations. Give resons in support of your selection.

i) For Web Application Development the suitable operating systems are Windows vista, Windows Xp etc.
The minimum requirements for web application development is The operating system should support  Internet explorer, web server, http protocol, etc.
ii) For Multimedia Development the suitable operating systems are Window Vista, Windows Xp etc.
The minimum requirements for Multimedia Development are the Operating system should support high resolution picture, best quality sound and best quality video play.

iii) For Database Management  the suitable operating systems are Windows Vista, Windows Xp, etc.
The minimum requirement for the operating system for database management is it should support Ms-office type packages.


Explain the differences between followings:
i] Cache memory and Register.
ii] Ring topology and Star topology.
iii] Assemble language and High level language.


Chache memory
1. Chach memory is placed between CPU and main memory.
A high speed storage space within a CPU.
2. Chace memory is designed and implemented to provide fast access
It is set of flip-flop fabricated within CPU and hence provide fast access.
3. Cache memory  is assocative type of semiconductor memory.
Register is a set of Flip-Flops fabricated with in the CPU.
4. Cach memory is used to improve performance of computer. Faster than Main memory.
Register are essential part of memory.


Ring topology
Star topology
1. The ring actually consists of a continuous
circuit. signals are passed along the circuit and accessed by stations in sequence.
I n a star topology the signal is split and sent out simultaneously to all stations.
2. It is easy to add of remove a node from the network in star. From wiring to installation, it is particularly easy to set up a star topology network.
Handling and Installation of ring topology is complex.
3. Failua of one computer may harm the ring topology network.
Failuar of one computer will not impact others in star topology.
4. Rign topology is most expensive.
Star topology is the very less expensive as compared to the ring


Assembly language :-
High level language :-
The computation in assembly laguage program is less than machine languge.
The computation in high lavel language program is less than assembly language.
This program runs faster to produce the desired result as compared to high lavel language.
this program runs slower to produce the desired result as compared to Assembly language.
This programme contains more instruction than High level language.
This programme Contains less instruction than Assembly Language.
The programme written on one computer can't be used on any other computer.
The programme written on one computer can be used on other computer.


Explain how you will handle following poblems.
i] Your disk is not reading few files properly.
ii] The response time on your disk is slow.
iii] You need to change the video mode of your monitor.
iv] You want to know the IP address of your computer system.

i] You can use Scandisk to read the unreadable files.
Scandisk is used to check your hard disk for logical and physical errors. ScanDisk can then repair the damage areas.

ii] You can use Disk Defragmenter to speed up access to your hard disk.
Defragmenter is rearrange files and unused space on your hard disk so that programs run faster.

iii] For IP address type "ipconfig" on comand prompt.
The IP address of the system will be display.


Explain how you can protect your machine from computer viruses. Explain the process of remaval of a computer vire from infected machine.

Following are the basic ways to protect computer against virus attack.
-- Many virus detection programs are available in market. Regularly run these type of softwares in computer and also keep upgrading antivirus software.
-- Avoid to copy data from one computer to other computer.
-- Whenever any files are downloaded from internet or any other place, first scan those data from antivirus. If data is without virus then only downlad it.
-- Do not download or install any illegal or unauthorized software. Also avoid purchasing pirated softwares.
virus removal process.
One possibility on Window Xp and Vista is a tool known as System Restore, which restores the registry and critical system files to a previous checkpoint.
Otherwise reinstall the entire operating system.


Explain the following:-
i] Table in Ms-Word.
ii] Mail-merge features of Ms-word.
iii] Heasers and footers.
iv] Bullets and Numbering in Ms-word.

i] Table in Ms-Word. A table consists of rows and columns that intersect to form cells. The cells can then be filled with text, numbers, graphics or formulas. After you create the table, you can modify it is a variety of ways:
-- by adding or deleting rows and columns.
-- adjusting column width, sorting text, and 
-- adding borders and shading.

ii] Mail-merge features of Ms-word.: Mail-merge is a way of placing content from a spreadsheet, database, or table into a microsoft word document. Mail merge is ideal for creating personilized form letters or labels of instead of editing the original letter several times to input different personalized information. As you can imagine this can save a lot of time as well as worry about not changing all of the information for the new recipient.

iii]Header & Footers:-Microsoft Word  has been haunted by a pre-WYSIWYG treatment of headers and footers. In fact, neither is visible untile a users selects View > Header and Footer. Once headers and Footers are visible, users must turn to an awkward floating window for switching between then or setting up different version for beginning, right, and left pages.

IV]Bullets and Numbering in Ms-Word:- Although lists are somewhat more stable in Microsoft Word 2003 than in earlier version, rearranging list items or nesting lists can quickly corrupt the numbering. Applying lists via a style can make them more stable.

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