BCS-061P & CS-68P

For Each Set

Total Marks: 20

Duration: 1 Hrs

Term End Practical, July 2008

BCS-061P (Set 1)

1)      Run the following command & write its use.                                                                               [5]

a.       mail

b.      cat

2)      Write & run a program in c-language for a simple data transfer between a client & server machine using TCP Protocol.                                                                                                          [15]


BCS-061P (Set 2)

1)      Run the following command & write its use.                                                                               [5]

a.       ping

b.      who

2)      Write & run a program in c-language for implanting swap function, which exchange two socket addresses.                                                                                                                     [15]

CS-68P (Set 1)

1)      How can you check the MAC address of your machine? Show it & writer all the steps.             [5]

2)      Examine the Ethernet in your Study centre.                                                                                [15]

a)      What new network components (transceivers, switch, router etc) did you find? Write detailed specifications of each.

b)      What is the length of cable used?

CS-68P (Set 2)

1)      How can you assign IP address to your machine? Show it & writer all the steps.                        [5]

2)      We have a wire up to 200 meter of type UTP Cat5. We have to make a connection of one computer with another computer located at 200 meter. There are two additional switches also available for this purpose. Show how both computers will be connected.                            [15]

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